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These are photos of the covers of vintage sheet music owned by Beck, part of a collection of material on display at the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles the past month.

I was there on closing night for the screening of two docs about guitarists John Fahey and Nels Cline (mostly of Wilco, but here collaborating with others).

The wonderful steel acoustic guitarist Glenn Jones, a former associate of Fahey’s, also played live and remembered the iconoclastic and deeply influential Fahey and his work. I left before a panel discussion involving Jones, the directors of the two docs and someone else (it was a school night), but overall it was a terrific event. 

The Beck material shown here was included as part of a bigger month-long exhibit at Sonos, based on Beck’s recent project with McSweeney’s that involves an “album” in purely published sheet music form.

At the Sonos exhibit, various artists and musicians have taken a shot at interpreting some of the Beck songs, and there was a contest for musicians to contribute their own takes online.

To help in the music-creation process, they also had  a very sweet studio setup in the middle of the gallery that included a theremin, Ableton Live software, syths of various sorts, a Gibson guitar and much else. It was the kind of dream set-up most musicians would go crazy over. 

I’ll post some more material connected with the exhibit in a bit. 

  • 27 March 2013
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