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In this week’s podcast, Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond and I get the latest from Pete’s annual Broadway pilgrimage to see as many awards contenders (beginning with that ultimate contender, “Rocky”) as possible ahead of the Tonys, before heading to France for the Cannes Film Festival.

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 With Cannes just days away, we also survey the summer Oscar contenders and ponder whether any of them can “reverse the curse” of poor awards-season showings in recent years.

Finally, Pete and I take a look at the weekend’s notable movie debuts, a comedy-filled slate led by the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron raunch and revenge fest “Neighbors;” facing off against foodie labor of love, “Chef,” which was produced, directed, written by and starring that noted gourmand Jon Favreau; and the darkly humorous “God’s Pocket,” featuring one of the last performances of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, alongside a terrific cast that also includes John Turturro, Christina Hendricks and Richard Jenkins.

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In this week’s podcast, Deadline International Editor Nancy Tartaglione and I take apart the just-announceddeal by Discovery and Liberty Global to buy All3Media for $930 million and look at who might be next in line as the global buying spree in TV production companies continues. 

We also catch up on still more news ahead of this week’s opening of the Cannes Film Festival, with films featuring Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Aniston and Elisabeth Moss, even as a squad of aging “Expendables” plans to roll onto the Croisette; look at a U.S. production with a good reason besides tax incentives to shoot in London; and note a kingly casting for the BBC adaptation of “Wolf Hall.”

Finally, Nancy and I take our weekly peek at the international box office, where "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" set a weekday record when it finally bowed in China, even as “Frozen” continues to add to its record box-office haul with another good week in its last big territory.

In this week’s podcast, Deadline’s executive editor David Lieberman talks with me as we recap one heck of a week in the business of providing services that look more or less like television across all kinds of delivery platforms.

The NCTA cable-TV conference opened in Los Angeles, attracting numerous big-name speakers such as the FCC chairman, but big deals also seemed to be breaking out everywhere.

There was talk of a massive deal between AT&T and DirecTV Networks; a $20-billion swap of subscribers between Charter and Comcast, and Viacom’s $757 million acquisition of the UK’s Channel 5.

Along the way,DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg seemed to write off his core business, and got roundly whacked by another media mogul, Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner. In a word, “ouch.”

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In this week’s podcast, Deadline Executive Editor David Lieberman and I catch up on several big developments in the fast-changing business of video delivery. This week, we talked everything from the controversy over the FCC’s latest net-neutrality proposals to what the Supreme Court oral arguments on Aereo suggest about a coming decision and a potentially very big content deal between HBO and Amazon that Apple downplayed. 

We also checked in on the latest in Time Warner Cable’s stalled efforts to push its Los Angeles Dodgers channel, and Netflix’s possible price hike for newcomers after another big quarter.

In this week’s podcast, Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond and host David Bloom look at highlights from that other big French film festival, City of Lights – City of Angels, which opened this week in Los Angeles.

They also discuss the potential business impact of sexual-abuse allegations against Woody Allen and Bryan Singer on “Fading Gigolo” and the new “X-Men” sequel and catch up on next year’s Oscar producers and this year’s possible Emmy host.

Pete also gives his take on the weekend’s notable movie debuts, which include the three-woman comedy “The Other Woman,” the one-man suspense film Locke with Tom Hardy and the WWII drama “Walking With The Enemy,” starring Ben Kingsley in another fine supporting role. 

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The @NYTimes kicks off an explanatory news site that will use big data to look at big trends. Here’s hoping it’s a huge hit.

My latest podcast with Deadline International Editor Nancy Tartaglione. We talk about the just-announced lineups for the Cannes Film Festival and much else, as well as our regular weekly look at the international box office. 

Ahead of oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the legality of Aereo’s TV service, I sat down with Dominic Patten to talk about the legal issues on all sides of what could be a very big case.

It’s a brisk 8-minute audio conversation. Let us also recommend that you circle back to for more stories from Dominic and other Deadline writers on a case that could re-shape broadcasting, and possibly much of the business of cloud computing.

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